Big List of Traditional Sicilian Foods

Here it is. The familiar (manicotti) and not (torta setteveli). Print it out and take it with you to Ballaro Market or dinner, so you know what you’re getting into when you order stigghiola.


Agrodolco- sweet and sour sauce
Amaro- a Sicilian digestive
Arancini- risotto balls stuffed with cheese and meat, then fried. A popular street food, particularly in Palermo.
Buccelato- a Christmas cake made of figs, raisins, dates, nuts (usually almonds) and candied citrus like fruits like citron
Cannoli-tubular crust, filled with ricotta cream, a Palermo specialty
Caponata Gato di Patate- cheese and potato pie
Cassata- round spongecake moistened with fruit or liquer, layered with ricotta, candied peel and chocolate or vanilla filling. Covered with Marzipan and topped with candied fruit; a Palermo specialty.
Cogniglio- rabbit
Crema di pistacchio- pistachio paste
Cucusu- couscous
Farsumagru- stuffed beef roll; the most celebrated Sicilian meat dish
Frittola- meat bits stuffed into a roll; Palermo streetfood sold by men carrying wicker baskets
Frutta martorana- Marzipan sweets in the shape of fruits or vegetables; a Palermo specialty
Frutti di mare- seafood
Gatto di sarde e carciofi- sardine and artichoke pie
Granita e brioche- Granita (ice cream) between brioche; a Sicilian breakfast specialty
Granita- flavored ice
Impanata di pesce spada- sword fish
Involtini di Melanzane- eggplant roll-ups
Involtini di pesce spada- rolls of swordfish, stuffed with pine nuts, raisins, bread crumbs, anchovies, orange and/or lemon juice and pecorino, grilled.
Involtini siciliani- rolls of veal, onions, tomatoes, raisins and pinenuts
Limoncello- lemon liqueur
Maccu di Favi- oldest Mediterranean soup of dried fava peas, wild fennel and chilis
Nero d’Avola- traditional grape for Sicilian wines
Pan ca’ Meusa – “bread with spleen;” sesame-flavored bread with chopped spleens and lungs of veal; streetfood specialty of Palermo
Pane e pannelle- chickpea fritters between bread; streetfood specialty of Palermo
Parmigiana di melanzane- eggplant parmesan
Pasta alla Norma- tomato, eggplant, ricotta and basil; a Catania specialty
Pasta alla sarde- pasta with anchovies
Pasta reale- marzipan
Penette alla isolana- tuna, capers, mints and olives.
Peperonata- Red and green peppers, grilled
Pesto di pistacchio-pistachio pesto
Pignolati- honey balls; fried pastry in hot honey with chopped almonds or hazelnotes; may be covered in chocolate and lemon syrup or icing
Pistachcio di Bronte- Pistachio paste
Polpo bollito- boiled octopus
Scaccia- thin, paste-like dough spiraled around a savory filling; a stuffed pizza
Sciuscieddu- egg-bread crumb soup
Spaghetti ai ricci- spaghetti with sea urchin
Stigghiola-charcoaled lamb or calf intestines; a Palermo streetfood specialty
Torta setteveli- 7 layer cake, inspired by the Dance of the Seven Veils; a classic Sicilian dessert
Vino cotto- sweet, dense liquid made from unfermented grapes


Almonds (mandorle)
Cauliflower (called broccoli in Sicily)
chocolate- from Modica; unlike most chocolates, made with the original Aztec process
Couscous (cuscusu)
Eggplant (melanzane)
Fava beans (fave)
Fennel, especially wild (finocchio)
Greens, especially wild (verdure di campo)
Lemons (limone)
Lentils (lenticchie)
Marzipan (pasta reale)
Olives (olive)
Oranges (arancia)
Pears (fichi d’india)
Pine nuts
Prickly pears
Quince (melecotogne)
Red peppers
Ricotta Cheese
Roasted chestnuts
Sardines (sarde)
Squash (zucca)
Swordfish (pesce di spada)
Tuna (tonno)




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