Primavera in the D.F.? No, It’s the Red Hook Food Vendors.

Red Hook sopes

Not quite, but the next best thing– the first weekend of the 38th annual Red Hook Food Vendors in Brooklyn:

Since 1974, artisans food vendors hailing from all corners of Latin America have gathered at the Red Hook Ball Fields to purvey some of the most authentic, traditional, and delicious street foods to be found in New York City.

About 10 trucks lined the street selling fresh handmade tortillas, chiles rellenos, horchata, aguas refrescos. The crowd was mostly Spanish-speaking, sprinkled with quite a few hip Brooklynites who made the 15 minute walk from Cobble Hill and Park Slope to indulge in Latin American comfort food.

We decided to “graze,” so sampled sopes de puerco (above), huaraches de cesina,



helote, helote

fried plantains and pupusas,

and lots of salsa.

We left contented, satisfied…







and happy for the 3 mile walk back home.







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