Introducing Complete Parties in 3…2…1



Here it is…a new concept at Kees To The Kitchen: Complete parties in 3, 2 or 1 hours.

We all adore being with family and friends. And we love to cook and entertain. But let’s face it, time is a limiting factor. With our “complete parties,” we’ll try to streamline the process as much as possible by including complete menus, shopping lists and timelines, so all you have to do is run to the store*, cook and set the table. And no, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor, freshness or  interesting dishes.

We DO assume you have cooking staples such as salt, pepper, cooking oil, etc. Also, we’ll make efficient use of your food processor and blender to make sure the chopping, dicing, saucing and general food preparation goes as quickly as possible.

The possibilities for parties are endless – cocktails, birthdays, holidays and more. So here we go in 3…2…1…

*Trips to the grocery store are not included in the countdown.


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