Brennan’s Crazy Family Feud


It can’t be true!

Alas, it is. Brennan’s iconic pink building on Royal in the Quarter sold at auction last week. The family drama leading up to the sale involved brother fighting brother, lawsuits, public confrontations and arrests. Police were called to the restaurant, which has a history of unpaid indebtedness, on April 26, according to

The squabble…was the result of an effort by Owen “Pip” Brennan to wrestle control away from his brother, Ted Brennan, and Ted’s daughter, Bridget Brennan Tyrrell, who have managed the place since 2010.

Pip filed a lawsuit last year for $3.8 in unpaid shares that he’d sold back to the business when he retired. On the day of the incident, he called a shareholders meeting to vote Ted and Bridget out of control. Pip wants to control the restaurant with his sons, Blake and Clark.

Apparently Pip and company arrived at the restaurant and “stand off” ensued between both sides (no Quartermaines, intoxicated J.R.s, or vampires were involved), resulting in “some parties” being carted off the premises in hand cuffs.

Despite the sale, Brennan’s remains open and will continue to operate, says Bridget Brennan Tyrell:

“If we can negotiate a fair lease, Brennan’s will remain on Royal Street. If we cannot negotiate a fair lease, we will have to look at other options. But Brennan’s restaurant will remain in the French Quarter.”





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