Les Papilles


Oh, I love Les Papilles!

We went there on a chilly March evening while visiting Lizzy in Paris and left 2 hours later, well-fed and happy, after one of the most rapturous meals of my life.

Many things should be wrong with this restaurant: It’s a tiny space. You have to sit elbow to elbow with strangers. The food isn’t really high cuisine. Somehow, though, these elements combine into the perfect gem of a restaurant -an intimate space, full of interesting people, enjoying classic, fresh home cooking -French comfort food at its best.

The night we were there, Les Papilles’ set menu began with a creamy carrot soup dotted with crunchy, herbed croutons, followed by fresh greens and goat cheese. We could have stopped eating by the time the main course arrived, but none of us could resist the communal casserole set in front of us: a stew of beans and pork so tender it fell off the bone. (See picture above) In fact, we asked for extra bread to sop up the last bit of carrot and onion-infused broth. We finished  with a subtle orange pot de creme and coffee.

Of course we needed local wines to accompany the meal. Les Papilles is a principally a wine and food store, so, with the help of the waiter, John picked out a couple of bottles which the waiter opened for us.

Lizzy leaves for Paris again in three months. When we visit, we’ll treat our daughter and friends to dinner at Les Papilles.

Les Papilles
30 rue Gay Lussac 75005 PARIS
tel : 01 43 25 20 79 * fax 01 43 25 24 35
5th Arrondissement


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