Friends, we haven’t seen you in so long! It’s time we got together again.

It’s been six years since our last post and lots has changed. The Kee “kids” have grown up, moved out and gotten married. (Well, two of them have.) We now spend much of our time in the beautiful Colorado mountains where we have a home. And life as the world knew it vanished a year ago due to Covid. We now Zoom, mask, disinfect and hope that the worst is over, although many of us are still grieving, in isolation or live in countries not yet out of lock-down.

If there IS a silver lining, it’s that we realize more than ever the importance of family and friends. We cherish our times together- even if it’s only virtual.

Through the years, the evenings we Kees spent cooking in the kitchen together, followed by lively conversation around the dinner table, stand as some of the happiest and most fulfilling we’ve had as a family.

So for our reboot, we’re focusing on this: the joy of the daily, home-cooked dinner.

We’ll share recipes and tips from great cooks who’ve baked, braised or fried (almost) every night for years, creating delicious dinners while juggling work, kids and other time-constraints.

And because this is 2021, we’re updating to incorporate Instagram and maybe even live streaming into our site. This all starts this week. Let’s keep in touch!


Dad, Louise, Sarah and Lizzy laughing at the kitchen table
Here we are in 2013. John was living in Budapest then.

John, Fruzsi, Lizzy, Dad, Louise and Chris with the dogs on Christmas morning in front of the tree.
The family at Christmas, 2020. Unfortunately Sarah was stuck in Austin with Covid.

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