Coming Home

Open Door

Open Door


Every trip has a return ticket. And each vacation must end.

Coming home has its own joys, though. Sleeping in your own bed, slobbery kisses from a happy dog, and, especially after a long trip, savoring your favorite home-cooked meals. In Ghana, they long for fufu, in France maybe a good baguette. And every self-respecting Texan craves salsa, frijoles or tacos – in other words their favorite Tex-Mex.

In a few weeks, Lizzy arrives home after almost a year in Paris. We’ll have a huge family dinner, welcoming her back, and serve all those dishes she missed –or tried to make, but couldn’t quite pull off, in her little apartment overlooking Place de la Nation. (She uses some kind of microwave/convection oven combo that always seems to be saying, “Mais non, Lee-zzy. C’est pas possible!” )

So here on our first “trip” at Kees To The Kitchen, we’ll actually be returning home. We’re delighted to share with you the dishes our family loves.



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